16 Random Things

16 Random Things About Donna Fox

Before I go into my random things, here’s why I’m doing it! My Friend Dr. Letitia Wright tagged me.  Here are the directions.

Once tagged, you should blog about 16 random facts, habits or goals about you.  At the end, choose the people you want to be tagged, listing their names and maybe even why you tagged them.

1. I was a charm school teacher.  At the age of 14 I taught businessmen diction by using Dr. Seuss stories.  I also taught little babies how to pose for the camera, and girls how to walk on a runway.  Yes, I can still walk with a book on my head.

2. Fox is my ex-husband’s name.  I was born Donna Louise Cuneo.  In 1993 I married Brian Fox.  Brian and I officially divorced in 2001, but I kept the name.  I was used to it, and it’s cool.  Brian and I are still very good friends.

3. I can almost play five instruments.  In the order I learned them: piano, flute, saxophone, clarinet, ukulele.  I use the terms “play” and “learned”  loosely, I pretty much suck at all of them.

4. I collect Wonder Woman comic books, and other select Wonder Woman things.  Diana is my favorite female name.  Also Linda (for Linda Carter, of course!)

5. I like to eat the last bite of things.  If I’m sharing food with someone, I must have the last bite.  More specifically, I must know when I’m taking a bite that it’s my last, so it can be properly savored.  All people I share food with on a regular basis know that I have a right of first refusal on the last bite of things.

6. I’m shy, and I really, really hate talking on the phone.  Text me please, or instant message.

7. I love cooking for just myself.  I can eat meals exactly the way I want them, as much or as little as I want, as healthy or nutritionally void, as ordinary or as decadent.  Cooking for one is the penultimate act of self-love.

8. I set new goals every 100 days.  Some of them find their way back to the list each time because I haven’t accomplished them yet (like riding an elephant).  Some return every time because it’s a good idea (like eating a new food I’ve never had).  I don’t reach all 90 goals, but because of my list I find myself doing things simply because they are goals.

9. I think the sexiest thing about someone is their natural smell, the one that comes out of their nose when they breathe.  The right smell out of someone’s breath makes me swoon.  The only other thing that does that is a deep sexy voice behind my right ear :).  I so strongly believe in the power of these nose pheromones that if I don’t like them, you don’t get a second date.

10. I’ve always wanted to be exotic, graceful, mysterious, complex and a great dancer.  I never will be any of these.

11. I took a communal bath fully naked in Istanbul.  A large woman with a sandpaper mitt scrubbed me clean, washed my hair, and threw bowls full of cold water on me to rinse me off. It was probably the most anti-erotic experience I’ve had while naked.

12. I was a hair model.  I would go to hair stylist industry events, let them style my hair, then walk the catwalk.  I did a variety of runway and print modeling as a teenager.

13. I have a standing offer for a job as a hypnotist’s assistant.  I once performed the gig with my friend Dr. Scott Lewis when he performed at Big Seminar.  I guess he was happy, because he said I can always come help him out at his show at the Riviera. I have on several occasions.

14. I fall in love every day.  I fall in love VERY easily.  I’ve always believed my gift to the world is how easy it is for me to love.  I used to have a button on my jeans jacket in high school (oh yes, I’m a child of the 80’s).  It read “I love everyone and you’re next.”

15. I’ve recently been disbarred.  I knew it would happen eventually.  I gave up the practice of law in 2001 to become an entrepreneur.  a couple of years later I had to renew my license and take continuing education.  I decided not to because I wanted the universe to know I wasn’t planning on quitting.  When it comes to my business, failure is not an option.  There is no plan B

16. I’m still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up.

Ok, now consider yourself tagged!  Please link to your post in my comment section.  I wanna know 16 Random Things about you!!

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