A body like Halle Berry

In my quest to improve my business’s #1 asset (me), I’ve been refocusing my energies on my health, good nutrition and exercise.

I thought… I need a good visual.  A good future image of myself, with the body I’d like to have.

Of all the people I had to choose from, I chose Halle Berry.  This woman is just absolutely gorgeous.  I grabbed that famous photo of her from the James Bond film…you know, the one of her walking on the beach in a bikini.  Then off with her head and on with mine!

However, I won’t be posting that here.  For this site, I’ll choose a more elegant shot.  Halle from the 2005 Oscars in this stunning gown.  I would wear this dress in a heartbeat, even without the knockout figure to go with it.

So thanks to Halle Berry, for the dress.  It’s gorgeous!  Oh, yeah, and the body!

Both images are pinned to my bulletin board now to remind me that I need to eat, sleep, hydrate and exercise.  It’s all necessary to maintain my business’s #1 piece of equipment.

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