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Answer to My Most Frequent Question

If there’s one question that’s been somewhat annoying for me lately it’s “What have you been up to?”

Donna Fox Ready For Action

Donna Fox Back in the Game

It’s annoying to me largely because over the last 18 months the answer has been “nothing”.    Sure, there has been some travel, some projects, some excitement, some pain (I have been alive, after all)… but from my entrepreneurial movers and shaker friends, my answer has been less than satisfactory.

Yes.  There have been many, many days over the last 18 months where I got sucked into Netflix or Hulu.  I watched all 6 seasons of Lost.  Marathon Style.  It took 10 days.  I’ll never get them back.

I went on a quest to swim a mile and lose 40 pounds, and I did both on my 40th birthday.

I visited friends in many states, drove my car from Vegas to New York, and had lots and lots of adventures.

I moved back with family for the first time in 20 years and have been enjoying getting to really know them, especially my sister and brother-in-law that I moved in with.  I’ve always loved my family… now I realize that I’m lucky enough to like all of them too.

What I didn’t do: anything business related for all of 2010.  Not one bit of blogging.  Sadly, not even in 2009.  This old blog has some great content tho, so if you want to peruse my (mostly business) related posts from that phase of my life, be sure to poke around.

Which brings me here.  After a year of downtime, and six months of trying to decide what I want to do next, I’ve decided to just be me.

And right now me is someone who:

  • works as part-time COO for an autoresponder company
  • is developing some kick-ass ecommerce software that actually gets me excited
  • is picking up some other project work to cover the bills after not working for so long
  • has finally figured out how to integrate all the facets of her personal diamond
  • still has 30 pounds to lose
  • is trying her hand at gardening
  • can sit in the backyard and just watch the birds for hours
  • still loves money and finance and marketing
  • still thinks she’s at her highest self when speaking before an audience
  • focused on living a healthy lifestyle
  • wishes she liked going to the gym, or that video game playing burned more calories
  • adores food and cooking
  • newly in love and actually reconsidering the whole marriage and children lifepath (and hoping at 41 I didn’t wait too long)
  • spends too much time just surfing the pretty pictures on Pinterest
  • thinks women are fascinating complex creatures and wants to crack the code to understanding them, and
  • knows that she was put on this earth to inspire people to love.

So I guess what I’ve been up to is figuring all that out… and I guess what to do with it is what I’ll be writing about here, on my blog, and on my Public Facebook Page

And there ya have it… any questions?

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  • Chuck commented on February 16, 2014 Reply

    I still remember the seminar in Nashville! The leverage worked well till one day the assets declined 50%. Live and learn. Heh, remember how you said if you were ever going to go BK it might as well be for at least a couple million? I took your advice. haha!

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