Ben & Jerry Are Not Your Friends

It’s fairly well known that ice cream is my favorite food.  I can eat it by the pint.  Heck, I can eat it by the half gallon!

Before this weekend, it had been quite some time since I had partaken of this favorite food.  See, in case you can’t tell from the title of this blog, I’m in the process of returning my body to it’s leaner, stronger, healthier self (and keeping it there).

Well, my good friend Jeff was unaware of this goal, and knowing I really, really, REALLY love ice cream, wanted to buy me some.  So I of course let him do so, even telling him that Chubby Hubby was one of my favorite flavors (choclate and peanut butter swirls with little chocolate covered peanut butter pretzels… yum).

So I dug into an entire pint of my favorite ice cream.  and dug, and dug, and dug…

and with the exception of a few bites shared with (or taken by) my friend Carrie, I ate the entire pint.

and I felt completed fine…until I woke up the next morning

After the most fitful night of sleep, where I was sleeping “hard” according to my roomate (which I believe is a euphamism for snoring like a chain saw), I awoke to the worst hangover I’ve ever had…and I hadn’t had a drop to drink in days.

It was awful.  My head ached, my body ached.  I was completely miserable.  I couldn’t focus or concentrate, and I couldn’t sit still (yet was too fatigued to really DO anything).  I spend the entire day outside the conference room and missed a day of supporting my fellow speakers and learning something, because I just wasn’t “right”

Sugar hangovers.  No one talks about them, but we have them.  Except most of us are like alcoholics, walking around every day slightly impaired but completely functional… not even realizing we have a problem, and forgetting what it was like before we began toxifying ourselves every day.

Now it’s not (entirely) our fault we got there.  Over the last decade manufacturers have been adding sugar to just about every food we eat (as a preservative and flavor enhancer). Yes, it’s true, McDonalds does add sugar to their salads… in fact, to most things (even their hamburger patties).

Slowly we’ve become addicted and dependant on sugar, and it’s not until we stop eating it, then binge again like I did with the Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, that was realize just how crappy it makes us feel.  Worst part is, like an alcoholic taking a drink, once you eat a little sugar, it’s hard to cut it out again.

So, I write this blog post to anchor those feelings in my memory.  I want to remember how I spent the entire day yesterday unfocused, unproductive, uninspired and more importantly to me, uninspiring.  I want to remember that sugar is bad, healthy natural foods are good, and that I’m strong enough to resist.

I want to remember this and make the decision every moment that strengthens my power, not weakens it.

and with that, I’m off to enjoy a delicious breakfast and start my day right!

<note: This article was originally published on another one of my blogs, I moved the post here when I decided to let that blog go>

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