Consultation Time | Five Words That Make Me Cringe

Do you have a minute?

I can’t tell you how many people ask me that on a regular basis. It suddenly occurred to me, one of the rules of business¬¶ When people keep asking you for something, you have yourself demand for a product or service! So in that spirit, I asked myself,

How can I provide my full-on consulting service to people who just have a fast question?

The answer I came up with was a flat rate for open office hour access!

Those of you who have a quick question that takes just a few minutes to answer satisfactorily can now get a mini-consultation without paying retail for it! This no-frills page will let you choose how many minutes you need for your credit, corporate entity, internet marketing, real estate, public speaking or other questions.

Now this is completely a test. I released 3000 minutes of my time for sale at the ridiculously low rate of $2 a minute. So if you visit the page and see something other than a way to buy minutes, the offer is closed.

I have a minute. Do you?

Updated: May 16, 2008… This test worked so well we created a whole program out of it. ¬†You can now get 12 hours of consultation time for just $1!

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