Donna Fox Seduces Internet Marketers in Dallas

Donna Fox Seduces Internet Marketers in Dallas

It’s true… or at least it will be in five hours.

I’m speaking at Robert Puddy’s Focus 4 the Future seminar in Dallas today.

I’m in good company with:

  • -my good friend and piano bar buddy Nate Anderson of MetaWebs,
  • -the ultimate “tease” seducer Tellman Knudson (more on that in my presentation),
  • -former student, now peer ListFX producer Keith Wellman
  • -the charming OMS3 Entrepreneur Harris Fellman
  • -Nickel crazy mastermind Gary Ambrose
  • -The always entertaining marketing maverick Craig Perrine, and
  • -joint venture genius Ken McArthur

Pretty good group of folks, and I’m honored to be numbered among them.

I’ll be speaking about a concept I’ve created called List Seduction. I’ve studied hundreds of internet marketers and determined that the very successful ones are successful because they seduce their list!

I don’t want to reveal too much right now, instead, I’ll let you listen in! This seminar is being streamed LIVE on the internet… and best of all, it’s free! Here’s how you see me and my friends:

Oh, and I’m scheduled to speak at 3PM Central time


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