Such a tiny little fruit, just bursting with love!

Growing the Perfect Bite | Tomatoes

Such a tiny little fruit, just bursting with love!

When I was very young (under 5, I’d say) my family grew a large garden.  I don’t remember it much, but apparently my mother would find me there often, hiding among the corn stalks, eating the string beans, corn and tomatoes from off the plants.  I do remember we tried to grow strawberries, but the birds and/or dogs ate them long before we ever tasted one.

We stopped gardening before I had any real memories of it, but I guess it’s in my blood, because a few years ago, when I finally lived in a house and could plant things, I started my first garden.  I didn’t have an ideal environment, my spot only got 3 hours or so of sunlight a day, but I enjoyed a late harvest of tomatoes and peppers that were simply delicious.

Now I live in a high-rise in San Diego.  Great climate for a garden, but alas, no yard to speak of.

My solution? A balcony potted garden!

I’m starting small.  I currently have a passion fruit vine (with 9 large fruits ripening on it), a cherry tomato plant, and several kinds of herbs.  I have strawberry plants too, but they haven’t produced fruit ( I guess my bad luck with strawberries also stuck with me).

This picture is my first cherry tomato from my harvest.  It was one perfect delicious bite.   Cherry or grape tomatoes are my favorite snack.  They are sweet and delicious, packed with loads of antioxidants, and low in calories.  An entire pint of tomatoes is somewhere between 90-120 calories (grape tomatoes are a little higher in calories than cherry), so it’s the perfect “snack pack”.  And yes, I DO eat them by the pint.

So I was thrilled to start growing delicious little balls of lycopene (the powerful antioxidant tomatoes are packed with).  Lycopene improves the skin’s ability to protect against harmful UV rays,  may help prevent cancer and may even relieve the oxidative stress of people who have diabetes.  These little balls of love are my version of nature’s candy.

I had envisioned a bountiful harvest of these little beauties.  Unfortunately, the lone cherry tomato plant can’t keep up with my voracious appetite.  I’ll be lucky if i get a pint total from my plant before it’s done.  But oh what a pint!  There’s nothing more delicious then something you grew yourself.

I pour love into my plants with every drop of water I give them, every tender word I speak to them, and all of my intention while growing and harvesting.  It’s the love that makes them so tasty!

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