Kiss That Frog!

Brian Tracy wrote a book called “Eat that Frog”, on how to combat procrastination.

The theory?  If you have to eat some frogs, eat the biggest, ugliest one first.  Then the remaining frogs will seem like a breeze to eat.

I’ve applied this principle to my business time management.  Each evening before ending the day I write down the 5 things I’m going to do the next day.  Then I …start the day by accomplishing those tasks.  I don’t open email, or listen to my voicemail, or play a game or open an instant messenger program until I get those 5 small things done.

It jump starts my day and creates a feeling of accomplishment, usually before 9AM.

I also try and make one of the frogs a revenue generating activity, so that I’ve directly helped to generate funds for my business each day.

Oh, I renamed the principle from “eat that frog” to “kiss that frog” to honor my vegetarian business partner.  And it’s a better analogy, anyway.  Kissing frogs is just as disgusting to think about…but occasionally it results in a prince.

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