Merchant Account Hero

It’s been a long time since I’ve written, I’ve been busy traveling the country and growing my business.  Thankfully, I have the Merchant Account Hero on my side.

When your customer wants to buy something using a credit card, you must have a merchant account in place to take the card.  There are many different types of merchant accounts available, however, I recommend my Merchant Account Hero for all of your merchant needs.

I’ve been calling the company Powerpay the Merchant Account Hero for years.  He understands business.  You wouldn’t believe what other merchant account providers will do to your business.  If you have a good day, higher than your usual business, they’ll shut you down in a heartbeat, hold your money, and ask questions later.  One of my former merchant account providers did this to me.  They took my cash, and I’m talking thousands of dollars, and wanted to hold it for six months.  Oh, and they shut me down.

Now I use affiliates in my business to market my products.  So I had to pay tens of thousands of dollars in affiliate commissions to my affiliates…and I didn’t get the cash.  Ouch!

Here are the lessons I learned from that experience:

1. If you’re planning a large sale or event,. let your merchant account provider kinow, so that they will be ready for the increased amount of sales and not get nervous.

2. If underwriting calls from your merchant account provider, give them what they want even if it sounds unreasonable.  They have all the power!

3. or use Merchant Account Hero.  They truly saved my business on multiple occassions.  Just tell them I sent you for the Hero treatment :)

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