My email is riddled with SPAM!

As an email marketer, I used to pooh-pooh spam filters.  I don’t want any of my members using them and putting a communications barrier between us, so I wouldn’t use them.

The consequence of this stand is that every year or so, I’d change my primary email address, which is an annoyance for me, my staff, and my friends.

So when the newest email address suddenly became a target for Spam, I decided to give up and take the plunge to invest in what I consider to be the best Spam filter on the market.

I also decided to buy the service for one of our customer service emails that gets more than 100 spam messages a day.  Instead of wasting my customer service employee’s time, for  $6 a month it’s worth it if I can save just a half hour of her time every month.
I’ll let you know how it goes.


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