Open for Business

So I must confess, I’m addicted to The Sims.  They just released a new expansion set, Open for Business.  Now a Sim can pick up the phone and buy real estate, go to the lot and construct a business, then hang their shingle and start getting customers.

I’ve learned a few lessons from playing the game, that really mirror life.  It’s amazing how principles that I’ve learned by being a real business owner also apply in the game world.  Here are some of the success principles I’m leaned from real life and noticed in the Sims:

  • -it’s as easy to sell a high ticket item as it is a low one
  • -pay your employees fairly and they’ll do their job.  Underpay them and they slack off.  Over pay them and they’ll work even when they are tired.
  • -If you get to know your employees, and consider their needs, they don’t -quit quite so easily.
  • -some people are just browsers.  They keep coming back, acting like customers, but really have no intention of buying anything.  No amount of persuading will help.
  • -customers like to complain.  It’s best to just listen to them.
  • -customers like a clean store, friendly employees, items in stock and fast service.  If you have all that, they have no complaints.
  • -employees with more skills and talents cost more– even if those skills and talents have nothing to do with their job.  It’s about how much they value themselves, not how much you value them!

EA games has done it again with great game design, and good training for playing the real game of business!

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