Party with a fox in Vegas. Donna Fox, that is.

Seems like ever since I moved to Vegas, I can’t resist a racy subject line to entice a reader. If you’re reading this, you know it worked.

The fact is, internet marketing is all a game of careful seduction.We seduce our customers with our offers, our bonuses, our words, and our successes.

We seduce our customers with our mastery of a niche.

Do you want to be an expert in the art of customer seduction?

Then you want to attend the Internet Masters Seminar now.

Ross Goldberg has assembled the most seductive group of marketing experts that I have yet to see at an event.

Here’s just a sample:

Brian Koz will help you seduce your customers by using outsourcing to dominate your niche. Whatever you think that means, I promise you you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the content Brian is bringing to the event.

Million Dollar Mike Morgan knows how to easily and effortlessly generate seductive copy. He’ll show you the secret to getting your customer to buy now, and buy again!

Deborah and JP Micek will be sharing their methods on creating tribal seduction. Deb and JP have figured out how to turn the art of creating raving fans into an exact science called tribal seduction. With a topic like that you don’t want to miss is.

And I’ll be teaching you how to seduce women.

How’s that for a topic?

Of course I’m talking about adding the powerful female market to your customer base. It’s easier than you think it is, and I’ll help you tap into a potential 655% more sales.

To view the full speaker lineup and register now at (old link removed)

Oh, and did I mention that the event is in Vegas?

For the first 10 people who register for the event with me, I’m going to take you out on the town to party like a rock star on my home turf.They say “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”

or I’d have a few testimonials to share on my idea of a party!

Want to be part of the exclusive party posse? Visit (old link removed)

I can’t wait to see you there

Donna Fox

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