Saving Hours of My Life as an Internet Marketer

Let me tell you about a simple inexpensive tool that saves hours of my life.


It’s a toolbar application for your webbrowser that:

*instantly generates secure passwords and remembers them so you don’t have to

*holds data for multiple “passcards” which allows you to enter mailing addresses, billing addresses and credit cards information at the click of a single button… good for multiple cards, or even for personal and business purchases!

*fill out an entire contact form in the push of a button

*folders help you organize your websites and passwords

*Provides security with
-encrypted passwords, and even your passwords are password protected
-stops phishing, prevents you from enterring your private info on the wrong site
-fights keyloggers, because you are never keying in your passwords or credit card info

*(Just when you think it can’t get any better) There’s also a portability feature that lets you take your passwords with you on a USB drive any where you go!
All for just $30 only one time! Find out more here


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