Success In Small Measures

Did you ever notice the way a baby walks when they are taking their first steps?Some of them don’t even realize what they are doing, and as soon as they notice they’ve walked, they fall down.

Then the magic happens.

Internet Marketing Baby StepsThey get back up, shift their weight to one leg to prepare themselves, then concentrate, I mean really concentrate, on taking that next step.

So many people refer to things as baby steps because they are small and insignificant when considered alone, but taken together can add up to walking!

While the little things do add up to mean a lot, it’s important that they are the right little things. ┬áThink about the way the baby steps, the act of stepping, is so much more than that. It’s planned. They consciously shift their weight to one side to prepare for raising their leg. And it’s focused. When they are making that step, they are thinking only about how to get that one leg out in front of the other. And that’s what makes baby stepping so powerful. When learning to walk, babies are always focused on the next logical step.

We only really have the ability to truly focus on one thing at a time. In my business, I always focus on one thing at a time, so right now I am focusing on teaching and helping you learn this strategy. To me there is nothing else going on in my life right now. I am totally stress-free other than concentrated on this one thing, writing this blog post.

Imagine if each week you only concentrated on one thing for a few minutes, one specific but impactful thing to improve your bottom line. What a difference that would make after a year!

Well, the trouble with this philosophy has always been knowing just what to concentrate on…where to focus those energies that will make the difference.

The answer to that question just got a little easier for those of us that use the butterfly marketing system for our online membership sites.

For the first time ever powerful testing and tracking software has been integrated with the butterfly marketing script. Which means each week you know exactly what to focus on to move that baby step ahead. Check it out.

(edited to remove link, program no longer available)

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