beef stew and a keyboard

Thinking about Becoming a Food Blogger (part 1)

I feel ridiculous as I write this “I’m thinking about becoming a food blogger” post.  My head is swirling with thoughts and ideas, and I need to focus.  Do you even care about something I’m thinking about? I guess that depends on whether you’re reading this close to the time I’m writing it… or years and years from now.

So, I’ll write about what’s in my head, and assume that if you’re reading you care.  At least, like a fine wine and redheads, this post will just get better with age. :) Decision made.  Quickly.

beef stew and a keyboard

Life as a Food Blogger

Because I have a deadline.  That’s right, when I was having a stern talking to myself I laid the gauntlet.  “Ok Donna, if you’re going to be a blogger, you’ve got to post one well thought out, well written, blog post a day that teaches or informed.”

Sure, I can do that.  Tomorrow I’ll…


So I promised my wiser (and more disciplined) self that I’d write a post today.  And the only thing I can do is just write about needing to write about all these things that are swirling around in my head.  Because today, I’m thinking of becoming a food blogger.  Which means I’ll be wrestling with lots of questions, concerns, research.  So look forward to articles of some of these things…

  • Overhwlem
  • Am I late to the party
  • can i make money with this
  • how did I get here
  • is food my passion
  • is this where I want to focus my limited energy
  • lots of ingredients (should do an ingredient tag cloud.  Do people still do tag clouds? I have so much to catch up on.
  • oh recipes! I should post my awesome egg salad.  This cinnabon recipe, after I perfect it.
  • shall I do cocktails
  • so much to learn re food photography (oh! I can get that camera)
  • what will I write about tomorrow?

…and the most important question on my mind… Will food blogging make me fat?

But that’s another post.

So let’s see… is this well thought out? As “well” as I can muster, with the adrenaline of writing a gauntlet post to myself on a blog that no one will see or read.  At least, probably not.  Sometimes I’m amazed at home many people see and read my stuff.  Anyway…  It’s passable, and will be well written when I edit.  But have I taught or informed?

Nope.  I don’t think my stream of consciousness babbling about becoming a food blogger counts as “informative.”

Which means I have to teach.  A recipe? Aghh… testing, measuring, pictures, overwhelm!

A tip.  I can do a tip :)

So thanks for reading, here’s a very simple tip. Look forward to lots of random tidbits I’ve gathered from (gasp) literally 40 years of cooking.

Foxy’s Food Tips #1

When boiling water for pasta, salt the water when you add the pasta.  If you salt it before the water is boiling, the salt can damage the bottom of your pan.

Whew! Am I done?  Hmm… I should have a photo.  Topical? I can boil some water and take one.

Wait.  Just looked through my photos.  Found something.  Done!

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