Thinking about Becoming a Food Blogger (part 2)

This week (my first as a food blogger) has been slightly challenging to me.  I was worried about what it would do to my ability to maintain a healthy lifestyle while focusing on food all the time.

To make it a little worse on myself, I’m actually a faster.  I practice alternate day fasting, and on Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays I limit myself to just 500 calories that day.

Why I practice alternate day fasting (ADF) is definitely the topic of another post.  In fact, it’s inspired an idea for a series of posts on why I do some of the things I do called “This is why I…” … for example

  • This is why I fast
  • This is why I meditate
  • This is why I use coconut oil
  • This is why I never shampoo… etc.

But then again… maybe that’s kind of obvious… and a better name for the post would be something like Fasting for Longevity or 31 uses of coconut oil.

There’s an old piece of marketing advice, that your reader/customer/prospect is only interested in one thing.. radio station WIIFM (What’s in it for me?).  So it will be good to remember my voice, write that which benefits, informs or teaches.

So today was a fast day for me, which means I didn’t eat very much.  It’s hard to write or think about food when I’m not eating, but here was the menu today

Breakfast: smoothie made with banana, spinach, strawberries chia seeds and coconut water.
Lunch: romaine lettuce, tomato, cucumber, celery and chopped grilled chicken breast (recipe here). I really do eat this a LOT.

I really do have to fight the urge not to go to bed early on fast days just so I can wake up and eat… but it’s definitely challenging to think about food blogging while on a fast day.  Maybe those are the days I’ll focus on equipment, health or vegan/raw foods!

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